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Why busy cyber security firms trust BeckerTek’s staffing solutions.

For Renee Becker, President/CEO of Becker Technical Staffing, responding quickly and appropriately is an everyday expectation. The same goes for the cyber security experts who are so sought after by today’s most data-driven and information-reliant organizations. Response time is everything. But Renee knows that you can’t rush a great fit — especially for cyber security.

“In the big picture,” Renee says, “it’s all about protecting information. But the people our clients need for each kind of testing have very specific and not very similar skill sets.”

To find the best, most prepared professionals, you need more than staffing expertise. You need a network. Luckily for BeckerTek’s clientele, it’s who Renee and her team know that make all the difference.

Which cyber security hires or types of consultants do you provide?
Whether an organization needs to hire people for their own needs, or they need consultants, we have them. We place Security Analysts, Cyber Security Analysts, Information Security Officers (and InfoSEC Analysts), Firewall Engineers, and Security Architects. We also connect our clients with Cyber Intelligence Analysts, Network Security Analysts, Access Management, and Access Management Security pros. No matter what type of threat analysis or system monitoring that’s needed, there’s a specialist out there for it.

Why is this type of professional so important?
If you know about a vulnerability, then you can prevent it from happening. Pre-response is what is so impactful. Stopping an event from taking place is always the goal. There are so many incidents that go unnoticed, and that’s when weaknesses are exploited. By proactively monitoring a system, detecting whether an incident has occurred, or hiring someone to hack in and report on weaknesses, our clients safeguard not only their own information, but that of their clients. We help financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, credit card institutions, hospitals, and the list goes on. Anyone with big data is going to have their own security in place but also hire a consulting firm to check for those vulnerabilities. People who don’t spend the money are the ones who get in trouble. An information breach is worrisome, but the damage to reputation is just as huge.

Where do cyber security professionals get their start?
Most start out as systems engineers then grow within a company. You don’t go to school for security — at least not yet. They’ll work on networks, then systems, then they’ll get training. The certifications for cyber security are very expensive and very involved. It’s not like taking a semester-long class or even a weeks-long class. Because you don’t just jump into this field — you grow within it — there aren’t that many people to seek out. Some start as a network tech and work their way up. They’re electrically-oriented and very smart. Some are from tech schools and others have degrees, though not even always a Bachelor’s and not always in computer science. Security is a direction people take as they learn more. It’s something they’re drawn to versus prepared for early on as a career.

What makes cyber security staffing different?
At BeckerTek, we either place for direct hire or have people who are contractors on our payroll. If it’s not your usual technology, you hire a temporary contractor. They’re for projects or something very specific. For instance, a firm may need someone with Palo Alto experience, but might never need that experience again after the project is over. So much technology is out there and it’s so specific, there are cyber security professionals who just go from project to project. There’s an expert for whatever firewall or security need a client has. It’s just a question of finding that person, and often, we’re the only connection they’ve used that has worked.

Are there certain skill sets that more of your clients are looking for right now?
It does depend on the project, and sometimes it’s just a one time need, so the skill sets needed always vary, but having manual code review expertise is becoming extremely sought after. It’s basically the only way a lot of the key security controls can be verified. Weaknesses can’t be discovered without looking at the software code, and manual code review is very useful to identify the attack surface of an application. It’s much more efficient than most other approaches. Manual code reviewers can be software developers, and they have had direct hands-on experience testing code in this way. It’s a newer kind of concept and it takes cyber security to a deeper, yet cost effective level.

How is BeckerTek able to take on these needle-in-a-haystack searches?
We’ve been doing cyber security staffing for awhile now and we have a great network in security. It’s a hot area and what makes it different is it’s a specialty that’s staying on American soil. Typically, just about any professional position in any industry can be outsourced internationally, but these positions involve people having to do the job here in the U.S. There are background checks, fingerprinting. This is not a field where you hire a stranger — people have to check out and they have to have a record that you can trust. Because it’s not an outsourced skill, more Americans are hearing about it and going into it. They know they’re going to have a job, and that kind of professional stability is attractive. There isn’t an abundance of them, but we connect with the ones who exist.

Can you give us an example of a recent success story?
We just placed the Chief Security Officer for a major U.S. casino. In addition to traditional operations, this casino offers online gaming. He wasn’t easy to find, but when a fit like that is made, the company breathes a sigh of relief that is almost palpable. It makes you feel like you truly made an impact on a company’s well-being.

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Why innovative life sciences organizations turn to BeckerTek for the best.

Renee Becker, Pharm. D., President/CEO of Becker Technical Staffing, knows a fit when she sees it. By understanding a Life Science organization’s environment, culture, technology, and needs — and envisioning their ideal candidates — before a search even begins, Renee and her team apply a laser-sharp focus to delivering the most sought-after clinical research talent.

As the head of a firm that specializes in clinical researching staffing, what do you find to be the most exciting aspect of locating top talent?

Because of my science background, I find it exciting to be able to stay in that conversation with my clients. Being someone who can have clinical-based discussions — and contribute in a meaningful way to those discussions because I’ve been in the field — it adds value to the partnership. I know clinical, it’s in my nature, so there’s not a lot of time wasted the way there would be if I were someone who needed to be brought up to speed.

What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of what you do?

It’s finding top talent, because that’s what anyone in talent acquisition who works to identify those “perfect fit” type candidates is doing as well. It’s hard work, and it can take time. We really put a lot into our process because we’re constantly focused on how people can be groomed into being brand champions. There are those who have the skills and talent a client needs, but through our research, we may discover that they wouldn’t work well within the organization’s culture. Or they may not be someone who can emulate the client’s purpose. We are always aware of how important it is to find candidates who will be all in once they fall in love with the company — people who, once they’re part of the team, they’re able to meld with co-workers and become fully vested in the environment, the job, and the mission. Our clients don’t want worker bees. They want people who want to become part of the fabric of the organization. BeckerTek does the work ahead of time to make sure that goal becomes reality.

What aspects of clinical research staffing do you handle? Is there detail work that clients are surprised to find that you assist with?

We handle all aspects — research and development, regulatory, medical affairs, manufacturing, engineering. If it has to do with life sciences, it’s in our wheelhouse. And even though people know clinical research staffing is one of our primary specialties, clients are actually very surprised to see the level of detail in our interview process. That’s probably where BeckerTek excels the most. We have a level of questioning that relates to the position as well as questioning that relates to a person being a candidate on the job market. The reasons they’re on the market is really drilled down — it gives our clients a benchmark. If the interview process proceeds on the client side and something is said that doesn’t jive with something we’ve heard, we are able to compare notes. This helps to create consistency, and consistency is what reveals the most accurate picture of the person you’re looking to bring on board.

Can you give an example of a recent success story?

In a way, every placement is a success story because some of the positions we’re given may have been open for months. As far as a highlight, we recently had a client who needed a Clinical Research Associate based in the Midwest with a background in oncology. Our candidate not only accepted our client’s offer, but went through specialized training before the start date. We impress upon candidates how important it is to be proactive and we do all we can to ensure they will not only be ready to make a successful entrance in a role, but to hit the ground running.

What methods and solutions do you employ that set you apart from larger firms?

We are highly process-oriented when it comes to our interviews and our resume packaging for our clients. With the level of customer service we provide — we really are a true business partner — and the detail in our process, we are delivering a retained search service at a contingency price.

What are BeckerTek’s biggest strengths as a partner?

What makes any partnership work is the ability to be flexible. Though our strongest big picture selling point is customer service, when we partner with a client, we work in lockstep with their needs on a daily basis. Even if they change. Even if that happens at the last minute. By promising — and producing — personalized, incredibly responsive solutions, we become even stronger through mutual success.

From a candidate perspective, why does partnering with Becker Technical Staffing give people a better chance of a finding the best home for their skills, experience, and personality?

The benefits are twofold for the candidate. First, we give them access to great jobs at America’s top companies. Second, we hold their hands and walk them through what can sometimes be an arduous or difficult interview process. We are there every step of the way and they feel that from day one.

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